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Life lesson!!!

I learnt a LIFE lesson today!!! Just about each morning I get a coffee, either before or after sunrise filming depending on how tight I am for time.

One place I go to has loyalty cards and that’s where I ended up this morning. I saw my loyalty card was due to serve me up a free coffee, so I fronted up to the counter with a big smile happy to see one of the usual coffee experts.

These ladies are 
amazing! How can you be happy to serve people at this time?

So I figure, be nice to them, plus they have the power to fire up your day with a great coffee or a ghastly one.

Anyway, turns out I still had another stamp to collect before cashing in on the freebie, but my hero (the coffee expert) stamped it, gave me back the card with a freebie next time around and gave me a new card with another stamp on it.

And the best bit of all, the coffee tasted great, this is coming from someone that used to hate coffee, but decided to get away from the sugary alternatives.

Moral of the story, be nice, select your coffee experts carefully, be loyal with a loyalty card, don’t sneeze in the line-up and that’ll be the difference between an easy rewarding life or having to dig around for change you weren't expecting to.