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70 straight sunrises and not just a hobby anymore!!!

Video frame.

I have just completed the filming of 70 straight sunrises around the Queensland east coast and loved every moment of it! What can I say, “I like getting up as early as 3am to jump in the car, jump out of that car in a race against the sun jumping up from the horizon, setting the camera up and having a perve at that big, round, golden (sometimes red), sizzling, electrifying sun.”

“Also, it has been great getting the exercise, I regularly fit this stimulating activity in with a jog, push-ups, sit-ups and chin-ups. But up until now this has been a hobby, to which I wasn't sure where it would head.

“Well, now this adventure has a mercantile future...”

Watch the video to find out more and stay tuned for future announcements!!!