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Silly Season isn't good for you Health!

The sunrise this morning from the Glass House Mountains Lookout.

It’s Sunday the 9th December, 2012 and on this day back in 1843 - The first Christmas cards were created. 

The joke of the day: A wise man once said: ...... “Go ask a woman!” 

In the news: A TEACHER found himself under fire from parents after telling pupils Santa Claus isn’t real. 

The male teacher, who has not been named, stunned 30 eight and nine year olds with his blunder during a lesson involving writing letters to Father Christmas, the Daily Mail reported. 

An angry parent, who did not want to be named said: "Everyone knows that it is Santa Claus who comes down the chimney every Christmas Eve spreading happiness and joy with his sacks full of presents." 

Simon Adorian, headmaster at Christchurch Junior School in Dorset, England, added: "Four parents have rung to speak to me about the error. I have probably never spoken to someone who is feeling as sorry as this teacher. 

"We celebrate Christmas as traditionally as other schools. Children left the room saying to their parents that Santa Claus is not really real, which upset them, and that is the last thing I want. 

"A group of children were asking sceptical questions about Santa and the teacher responded awkwardly to them. 

"Normally what we would do is bat it straight back but he was put on the spot and feels very embarrassed about it.". 

‘This teacher has upset all our children and will really be in Santa’s bad books now. Of all the mistakes to make in a classroom, this is up there with the worst.’ 

The random question of the day: Will you be sending traditional Christmas cards, or sending your cheer to family and friends online? 

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