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#MBRvotes Division 2 on a Knife Edge

Update: 8.30pm 29 April, 2012: Joy Leishman posted on Facebook-

Joy Leishman Well finally it is over!

Glass of red wine and cereal for dinner tonight, back to meat and 3 veg next week. Soooo over Pizza!

Adam's result today is he is about 30 votes in front of Peter Flannery, however final result wont be for about a week.

A cliff hanger is the understatment!

We shall have to wait for postals to come in over the next week, however given the small margin that Adam is in front and the preferencing by Ron Anderson, the considered view is Peter Flannery will win on Ron Anderson preferences. But we do not have that result yet, so for the Leishman Clan back to work tomorrow, catch up from the past few weeks.

All Adam's signs were pulled down today thanks to fantastic help of our friends.

I spent the morning scrutineering the count and thinking about all the wonderful people who gave such great assistance for the Campaign.

Adam will thank you himself when the final result is known. As his parents we are very proud of his achievement of a great and positive campaign, of being in front in the primary vote and that he gave it his all.

Update: 3.30pm 29 April, 2012: Moreton Bay Regional Council candidate for Division Two, Adam Leishman, posted on Facebook-

Adam Leishman for Division 2 Day 2 of counting. 29 votes in front. Postal Votes and then preference distribution to go. Postal Votes still arrive for the next 10 days. 900 of them still to come in. Will keep you updated.

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