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Less Fluff, Better Content

One of the world's most recognisable brands, Google, has made a video on how they make videos for public consumption in their Google Webmaster department.

The main point of this video, is that they keep the production process, including the equipment they use to shoot their videos, very simple and concentrate on making high quality and well researched content.

You don't need a huge video camera and expensive
equipment to create informative, entertaining and
engaging videos...
This is where so many businesses or organisations go horribly wrong, they sink all of their investment and effort into shiny looking fluff, but don't communicate any sort of value in their message. And in many cases, the viewer comes away not sure of what they just watched.

While a video needs to be pleasurable to watch and have good quality audio and the subject generally needs to be well lit, it is imperative to get the message right and in a format that displays a great deal of thought and research. This will lead to the viewer coming away feeling informed or entertained and recognising they consumed content from you or your organisation that they couldn't elsewhere.

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