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Are the LNP any better than Labor

Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald.
Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald has spewed an outburst on Facebook, after finding out there is no place for him on the front bench of the new Abbott government.

"What should have been one of the proudest days in my life has turned into one of the worst," Mr Macdonald wrote on his Facebook profile.

This public eruption of emotion comes after the Liberal National Party (LNP) recently won the federal election, campaigning on issues including the apparent disunity of the then Labor government.

What should have been one of the proudest days in my life has turned into one of the worst. The ecstasy of a new Government and success in the North has turned a little sad with a phone call from Tony Abbott to say he has no room for me in the new Ministry. So many people have placed so much faith in me during the last three years from the LNP members preselecting me overwhelmingly, to the people of Queensland who have just reelected me for another 6 years, to the people I have campaigned with and for, to all of those to whom I have made commitments for Northern Australia, to my wife and my staff - I feel I have let you all down. There is nothing else I think I could have done to make sure Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister, and I am proud of that.

But i do commit myself to working from the backbench to continue the fight for those things I have always held dear and that includes helping those who have relied on me to help with their individual or collective issues.

For the moment, I think it best if I turn off my phone and Facebook, and take a break after a very strenuous 9 months. In anticipation, I thank those who will offer support, and share my disappointment. Sorry I will be uncontactable for a couple of days.

We do however have a new Government which will get Australia back on track, and I urge all to do as I will, and that is to support Tony Abbott in the difficult tasks ahead.

Do you think the new LNP Abbott government will be any better than the previous Labor government at keeping their internal affairs internal? Leave your comment below.

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