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Thanks Abbey Medieval Festival LEGENDS!!!

The numbers aren’t in yet, but the Abbey Medieval Festival for 2013 was a success beyond measure!

The colour, cheer and rapier swinging combat competitions made the festival an overwhelming smorgasbord of entertainment. It took everyone who passed through the gates back to the medieval ages.

But while the displays were impressive, the really amazing stuff happened behind the scenes!

That amazing stuff was made up of the dedicated volunteers and supporters. From a volunteer who recently survived a life saving operation, to a quiet and unassuming volunteer who calmly served on the gates for yet another year with her team, processing the huge avalanche of super-excited visitor entering the event.

I have a heap of thank yous, the first being my appreciation for the opportunity to be part of the Abbey Medieval Festival again.

I would also like to thank each and every one of you who I crossed paths with during the festival, you showed the world that the Moreton Bay Region and, more particularly, that Abbeystowe can put on a ‘world class’ event to be proud of.

And finally, thanks to the Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia - ourbribie.com team (who kinda gained an extra member today) for simply being fun to work with.

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