Go on.., click the 'win' button, take up a McCarthy-Wood challenge and let mwDIRECT.me take you to your destination!

Don't miss out on $2,000 CASH!!!

You could be on a road adventure in a Catchi Camper with $2,000 cash in your pocket thanks to the ABBEY MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL!!! Entering this comp is super easy, you just need to like the selected Facebook pages.

Each page you like gives you another entry into the competition, and sharing the comp with friends means even more chances for YOU!

All the pages involved, including Catchi Camper Hire, are attached to great community based organisation.

So, jump over to http://win.mwurl.com/ and follow the instruction.

While you're at it, tell us what adventures you would get up to with the $2,000 smackaroos...

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