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St Columban's Charity Golf Day supported by R&W Real Estate Caboolture

St Columban's - http://www.stc.qld.edu.au/

R&W Real Estate Caboolture - http://www.4510.com.au/

The R&W Real Estate Caboolture team were out in force supporting the St Columban’s charity golf day.

The event was put on to raise support for the College Cultural Immersion and Outreach Program. This program gives opportunities to students to participate in a variety of activities including their Garma and Northern Territory immersion and exchange program, Edmund Rice Ministries, Footsteps of St Columban Pilgrimage, World Youth Day Pilgrimage and the ROSIES outreach program.

According to the college, one of the reasons for the commitment to the Immersion and Outreach Program is that it helps students develop a greater sense of social responsibility and capacity for change.

Each year, local businesses like R&W Real Estate Caboolture get behind this cause...

For further information on how you can get involved, follow the links with this video, and also support those businesses that support the community...

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