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Catchi Hiace Three Birth How To

This is a three birth Hiace van. While travelling on the road, this van can have up to three people in it, but must all be seated across the front seating.

The driver controls are made up of a five speed gear-shift, clutch, brake and accelerator. The indicators are on the right side of the steering column with the headlight controls, and the wiper controls are on the left side.

While driving in Australia, you must obey all road rules including keeping to the left. For more information on that, it is advised you do a web search.

Make sure you take the time to read all the safety and instruction labels carefully attached to this van before heading off on your adventure.

This vehicle is fitted with a gas cooker and gas bottle. Always turn the bottle off while the cooker isn’t in use.

You also have onboard water, which you can refill using the filler. Always refill with potable water.

The microwave only works when the van has mains power supply.

The back of the van has a number of compartments that you need to be familiar with to help you enjoy your time with this van.

The driver’s side compartments under the back seating houses a battery, annex and bedding boards.

Make sure when the van isn’t running you only use power from the back battery or mains power supply. Don’t flatten the drive battery.

The opposite side compartment houses extension cords, jumper leads, annex framing, cleaning equipment, hose and back table pole.

Up top at the back, you’ll find bedding and towels for three people. This compartment also becomes an extra bed. You can find a ladder for this behind the driver’s seat.

Using the large table and supplied boards, the seating becomes a bed.

The back door is fitted with handy lines for hanging items up to dry.

Every day you need to check the tyres, lift up the front seat and check the oil, power steering fluid and coolant.

Enjoy your adventure, and if you have any questions or problem, just ask.

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