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BREAKING NEWS: Bribie Island SES Shut Down

Bribie Island SES "inactive".
Bribie Island is without a State Emergency Service (SES) after the unit was made “inactive” because of internal matters. These matters include a Bribie Island SES member allegedly making threats to other members. 

While most of the threats are allegedly of a general bullying nature, some threats have promised bikies would get involved and go after family members. 

The Local SES Controller for the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Henk Van Den Ende, played down the situation. 

“No, they're not closed down, just having a recess at the moment,” Henk said in a phone interview. 

“All business as usual, just that they're having a bit of a recess.” 

However, the SES unit decided to go “inactive” after bringing the allegations to the attention of Emergency Management Queensland and not getting the support in the matter they expected. 

Further, McCarthy-Wood Media can reveal an email from the Moreton Bay Regional Council states: “the Bribie Island SES is currently inactive.” 

Members of the Bribie Island SES unit have been given the option to train with other units off the Island and, if SES activation is required, SES units from other places will cover Bribie Island.

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