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A cloudy start!!!

It's Tuesday the 22nd January, 2013 and on this day back in 1840 - The first British colonists to New Zealand arrive on Auckland Island.

The joke of the day: A couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. When they were asked what their secret was to a long lasting marriage they said:
"We take the time to go out to a restaurant two times a week. A candlelight dinner, soft music and a slow walk home. She goes on Tuesdays, and I go on Fridays."

In the news: THE grandfather of the video game has declared bankruptcy.
Atari - the company who brought the world one of the earliest video games, Pong - is planning to sell its logo and all of its video game titles.
"The Chapter 11 process constitutes the most strategic option for Atari's US operations," the company said in a statement.

Did you know: The average human brain contains around 78% water.

The random question of the day: What internet speeds do you get where you are?

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