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RIP Daniel James Morcombe 1989-2003

Today is a special sunrise video without the usual trivia, jokes and random questions. This sunrise is dedicated to the memory of Daniel James Morcombe. 

Before we continue the tribute, a little about this sunrise filming location. This is Dicky Beach. 

This area was named after the iron steamboat, the SS Dicky, which ran aground during heavy seas in 1893. It was re-floated  but again, heavy seas turned the ship about and back onto the sand where it remains to this day. Dicky Beach remains the only recreational beach in the world to be named after a shipwreck. 

Today Daniel James Morcombe is to be laid to rest. His short, but active and meaningful life spanned from 1989 to 2003. 

He was just 13 when he was abducted from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

As a result of Daniel Morcombe’s abduction and horrific end to his life, the Morcombe family started the "Daniel Morcombe Foundation", and has put its resources into keeping Morcombe's disappearance in the public eye and trying to find out what happened to their son. 

The foundation is committed to educating children about personal safety and to raising awareness throughout Australia of the dangers of predatory criminals. These efforts are supported by the Australian media, especially on each anniversary of Morcombe's disappearance when a "Day for Daniel" is held to promote awareness of the vulnerability of children. An accompanying event is the "Ride for Daniel", which covers 50 km of the Sunshine Coast, held each year since 2005. 

Rest in Peace Daniel James Morcombe, and I pay my respects to his family, friends and loved ones who he has touched.

This was the sunrise at Dicky Beach this morning.
A special RIP Daniel James Morcombe 1989 to 2003
video is being uploaded now.

Today is finally the day that Daniel James Morcombe is laid to rest. The family has requested that everyone wear a touch of red in memory of Daniel. Let's also banner up with red (feel free to use this one)!