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President Barack Obama's face on toilet paper...

Video frame: Smoky sunrise filmed from Wild Horse Mountain.

Video transcript:

It’s Monday the 17th December, 2012 and on this day back in 1903 - The Wright brothers made the first sustained, controlled flights in a powered aircraft. 

The joke of the day: One day, a cowboy rode into a Wild, Wild West town. The people in the town love to play jokes on visitors. After tying his horse to the pole outside a bar, the cowboy went in. "A cup of milk please." he said to the bartender. After drinking, he went out, only to find his horse missing. Knowing that the villagers did it, he went back into the bar and said to everybody," I am going to have another drink and when I finish it, I want to see my horse outside! Or else, I will have to do what I did in Texas - HERE!" The people were very frightened. When he finished his drink, he went outside and saw his horse. The villagers had put it back. Curious, the bartender asked the cowboy,” What did you do in Texas?" 

The Cowboy replied, “Well, I had to walk home.” 

In the news: A US firefighter has been sacked for putting toilet paper imprinted with President Barack Obama's face in a fire station bathroom 

It was the third time Clint Pierce had posted political paraphernalia on city property and a violation of a direct order to cease and desist from such behaviour, according to city records. 

He had until 5pm on Friday to turn in his badge. 

Did you know: The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E. 

The random question of the day: What is your favourite colour and why? And, do you like that colour flat or with a gradient? 

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