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Ride to Conquer Cancer

-Nicola Brander's Ride to Conquer Cancer profile page (Click Here).

Video transcript:

The Ride to Conquer Cancer on this weekend is one big challenge to take on another huge challenge. A 200klm ride over two days - with big hills - to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. 

The Wolves Bike Den from Morayfield were on-hand to make emergency bike repairs, and Sunshine Coast photographer, Nicola Brander, has completed her first day in the challenge. 

Leading up to this event, Nicola wrote on her Facebook wall: “When I start to get tired on the 200km, Chris who is fighting bone cancer will be in the back of my mind egging me on to push through, your spirit and determination is amazing!” 

She also said in another post: “When the legs start to burn through the 200km ride this weekend (and they have), we shall grit the teeth and say screw you cancer!” 

The Brisbane Time have reported that more than 1500 cyclists are powering their way from St Lucia to Wivenhoe this weekend, as part of Australia’s largest cycling fundraiser. 

The 1519 riders and their 294 crew left the University of Queensland St Lucia campus this morning on a 200km trek across the western suburbs to their Wivenhoe camp ground. Tomorrow morning, they’ll turn around and do it all over again. 

The ride, now in its second year, not only heralds the end of winter, it also helps to raise money for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. 

Last year, more than $4.7 million was raised by the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer. This year, the riders topped that, raising more than $5.2 million. 

Klaus Bartosh of Brisbane, who is riding for the second year said: "I was diagnosed with serious Melanoma in 2000 and have had three others since.” 

“Every rider here today has their own story and motivation for participating, but there is an untold sense of camaraderie from the start, along the route, at camp and especially at the finish, which is quite emotional. 

He went on to say: “We’re all here together with the same goal of raising money for vital cancer research at QIMR, so that we can find a cure in our lifetime. And that is why I ride.” 

According to QIMR director Professor Frank Gannon, 23,000 Queenslanders will be diagnosed with a cancer this year; 7,500 will die. 

Professor Gannon said: “Many of the scientists working on these projects are riding here today and the funds raised for QIMR will allow us to continue to do more research and better research on the cancers in the community.” 4BH reported: [4BH audio]