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Devils Marbles #TripBlog

While on a road-trip in the Northern Territory, we drove the Maui camper van to the Devils Marbles. And what a picturesque site it is! 

A quick tip: The best time to check out this attraction is mid-to-late afternoon during the winter months. That’s when the golden sun in the clear blue sky hits the rocks in just the right place and brings out the warm juicy reds. 

If you hang around like we did, at about 5.30pm the sun drops almost suddenly. 

The Devils Marble are situated about 114km south of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and represent a sacred Aboriginal site. Not only are the views breath-taking, the walk around these huge rocks is an adventure with the presence of wildlife. 

Also a bonus, about 10 minutes up the road is a free campervan and caravan overnight stop.

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Kelmeny between Devils Marbles.

Andrew between Devils Marbles.

Kelmeny between Devils Marbles with the sun behind her.

The Maui van at Devils Marbles.

The Maui van at Devils Marbles.