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Published on 30 Jun 2012 by 
Newman ends $27m worth of Origin Energy contracts in campaign against electricity retailer's shock price rises - http://s.mwurl.com/N10lfp

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce calls Senator Bridget McKenzie a 'flash bit of kit' in parliament - http://s.mwurl.com/N10sHS

Gerard Baden-Clay's parents refused to give interviews during effort to death of Allison Baden-Clay, court documents claim - http://s.mwurl.com/N10vU7

Olympic champion Grant Hackett relied on controversial sleeping pill Stilnox towards end of swimming career - http://s.mwurl.com/N10CPs

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott cashes in on carbon tax controversy that has divided voters - http://s.mwurl.com/N10HT3