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See what is in the Sunday Mail

Published on 7 Jul 2012 by 
Associated News Stories Online:

Abbey Medieval Festival picture gallery - http://s.mwurl.com/L0Fy81

IT WAS as if Lord Shiva - the Hindu god Shirley and Vijay Singh worship - had led police to the weapon used to murder their three children -http://s.mwurl.com/L0FF3q

The Sunday Mail has found a plane up to 5000kg costs $33.60 to park for a day compared to $42 for a car. Parking a plane is free for the first two hours, while it costs $17 to park a car - http://s.mwurl.com/L0FHZl

DOCTORS are accused of risking patients' lives by refusing to have flu jabs and could be forced to reveal their immunisation history -http://s.mwurl.com/L0FNjI

Box Man comes for public servants as Campbell Newman cleans out Queensland Government bureaucracy - http://s.mwurl.com/L0FQMg

Charlene the 3m saltwater crocodile to be left to canegrower John Casey's children in will - http://s.mwurl.com/L0FTry

QUEENSLAND Health is still over-paying employees $1.7 million every fortnight - and there's nothing the LNP Government can do to stop it -http://s.mwurl.com/L0FYvj

THE alleged "buxom bandit" has been busted, her sexy low-cut top replaced by dowdy prison browns - http://s.mwurl.com/L0G7ij

HUNDREDS of ships have been caught breaking laws intended to prevent an environmental disaster in the Great Barrier Reef - http://s.mwurl.com/L0G9qh

Church of Scientology in Brisbane recruitment drive amid Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes split, falling membership - http://s.mwurl.com/L0Gdq2