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Why subsidise the solar industry if it isn't sustainable? (VIDEO)

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GENEROUS incentives for installing solar panels and returning power to the electricity grid are the latest victims of State Government cost-cutting.
Despite an election commitment to "maintain the Solar Bonus Scheme", Energy Minister Mark McArdle yesterday announced changes which will see the rebate for new installations reduced from 44 cents per kW/h to just 8 cents per kW/h. Read more at the Courier Mail.
ANGRY Queensland customers who have waited months for solar panel installations by Gold Coast company Cleaner Energy have had promises of refunds dashed by the company's new operator.
Hundreds of clients, some of whom have already parted with as much as $11,000, are now in the hands of New Energy PV, a business accused of cashing in on the Federal Government's insulation scheme by selling dodgy imported products, The Courier-Mail can reveal. Read more at the Courier Mail.