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Queensland motorcycle licensing to be investigated

The Newman Government today announced a review of motorcycle licence laws in an effort to reduce the number of motorcycle fatalities and accidents.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads Scott Emerson said the Queensland motorcycle licensing options, the Q-Ride and Q-SAFE assessment programs, have been referred to the Parliament's Transport and Local Government Committee.
"A comprehensive review of the licensing process is needed as a result of motorcycle rider safety concerns," Mr Emerson said.
"Motorbikes make up 3.7 per cent of registered vehicles, yet in 2011 there were 45 motorcycle rider and pillion fatalities in Queensland which represents 16.7 per cent of the Queensland road toll.
"To the end of May 2012 there were 27 motorcycle rider and pillion fatalities in Queensland, four greater than the same period for 2011 and two above the 2007-2012 average.
"Families which have lost loved ones have approached my Department and my colleagues asking for improvements.
"The evidence suggests this is an appropriate time to review a number of issues including inexperienced riders obtaining a licence too easily."
The committee will be tasked to:
  • Determine the road safety benefits of introducing a range of possible enhancements to the motorcycle licensing system
  • Determine the efficacy of the Q-Ride and Q-SAFE assessment programs within the licensing system
  • Determine whether Q-Ride training aligns with best-practice evidence-based adult training/education principles
"Referring these issues to the committee will encourage debate, obtaining the opinions of the public, key industry groups and road safety experts," Mr Emerson said.