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"Put Your Pies on the Line NSW!" (Video)

Published on 2 Jun 2012 by 
Queensland accepts New South Wales' State of Origin for Meat Pies challenge.

In this video Old Fernvale Bakery owner Bill Rose responds to the challenge set by Glenorie Bakery owner Rob Pirina.

"We love our pies here in Queensland. The crust, the meat, the smell," Bill says.

"Here at Old Fernvale Bakery, we have more than 100 flavours of pies."

"But do you know what I love more than baking pies? Beating New South Wales at State of Origin foootball."

Old Fernvale Bakery is more than happy to accept the State of origin for Meat Pie challenge and looks forward to raising money in support of Queensland's flood victims.


Video directed and edited by James Dillon