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Minister for Police and Community Safety reminds Queenslanders if it is flooded - forget it

Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey said this week's weather warnings were a timely reminder for Queenslanders that if it is flooded - forget it. 

Mr Dempsey said weather forecasters were predicting significant high tides, large swells and gale force winds across South East Queensland and the North Coast this week. 

"People need to be very careful travelling throughout coastal areas as surfaces may be slippery or flooded," Mr Dempsey said. 

"I also urge people to stay away from storm drains during this week's king tides as they could be dangerous and motorists should steer clear of floodwaters. 

"Taking a risk could create a potentially life threatening situation. If it is flooded -forget it." 

Mr Dempsey said drivers should take the time to find a safe alternative route or wait until water levels have dropped. 

"Drivers should also to be careful parking near boat ramps or river frontages because their vehicles could be inundated," he said. 

"King tides can be much higher than predicted tide heights so it is important to make sure that your family and friends are safe and that your property is well protected." 

Mr Dempsey said king tides occur naturally and more information could be found on the Queensland Tide Tables 2012.