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Legally change your name to a URL and get optimised for election!

In what may be the ultimate example of Search Engine Optimization by a politician, Mashable has reported, a U.S. House of Representatives candidate Eddie Gonzalez legally changed his name to “VoteForEddie.com.”
Why make the switch? Florida law requires that a candidate’s legal name be printed on election ballots. By making the switch, voters picking Gonzalez will now select “VoteForEddie.com” come Election Day.

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Published on 27 May 2012 by 
I am VoteForEddie.Com an Independent candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 25 in South Florida. I am asking if you like my idea (or just hate the current bunch of politicians) that you will donate at least $1 to my campaign. If a million people do that I will have the opportunity to change the political games played in Washington forever. I am running on a platform of "New Energy, New Ideas". My main issue's are securing energy independence through a renewable energy only initiative and a tax cut for teachers, emergency responders and the armed forces.

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