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Craig Thomson Can't Take it Anymore

Update below video (Statement from ACA)

Has enough been enough in relation to the Craig Thomson affair? Has he answered the allegations against him satisfactorily or to a point that the public should now leave him alone? Leave your comments below.


A CURRENT AFFAIR has been conducting an investigation into allegations against Federal MP Craig Thomson in relation to his former position at the Health Services Union.

Our investigation has uncovered additional claims, not previously reported or to our knowledge investigated elsewhere.

On that basis, we attended Parliament House in Canberra and met with Mr. Thomson. In the interests of absolute fairness and transparency, we presented our information to him, in an "off the record" conversation conducted in his office. This conversation lasted for almost 90 minutes.

In response to claims made by Mr. Thomson in this morning's News Ltd papers and in a subsequent press conference, we want to emphasise that no-one has received any payment from A CURRENT AFFAIR.

We have not published or broadcast a story. In fact, our investigation is ongoing.

We reject Mr. Thomson's claims of "grubby journalism". Grubby journalists would have already run a story, without giving him the opportunity to examine the information.

Tonight, A CURRENT AFFAIR on Channel NINE at six thirty will bring viewers up to date with the progress of our investigation.

Grant Williams
Executive Producer

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