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#MBRwatch RAG: Peter Flannery and Malcolm Wright may have joined Moreton First

Update: Picture sent in by a McCarthy-Wood Media reader -
A picture tells a thousand words.

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Email from Moreton Bay Ratepayer Action Group:
It would appear that Independents Flannery & Wright  may have joined the other Independent 'Moreton First Councillors'.
At Burpengary Pre-Poll. Millar's people ( Division 11 ) have been handing out how to vote cards out for Flannery (Division 2 ) / Wright ( Division 12 ) & also,for the current mayor.   
At the Caboolture Pre-Poll.Wright's people ,Chippendale's people and Parson's people are all handing out how to vote cards for the current mayor & Flannery ( Division 2 ).  
In Deception Bay Pre-Poll Greer's people have been handing out how to vote cards for current mayor & Flannery ( Division 2 ).
Moreton First Councillors are in blue.


  1. In reply to the concerns raised, I have 3 pre-poll booths that Division 2 residents will be voting at over the two week pre-polling period between 9am and 5pm. As I am funding my campaign from my own savings and am not a member of a political party - I do not have the volunteers during these two weeks to man these 3 booths for the full 8 hour days. I am relying on family to assist where they can during this pre-polling period. Other candidates have offered to assist with handing out 'How to Vote' cards for me during pre polling when I do not have the volunteers myself. When my family are working at pre-poll we are not handing out for any Mayoral candidates.
    I am obviously not the only candidate in this position during pre-polling, as I saw today - a Candidate's volunteer handing out 'How to Vote' cards for 3 other Divisional Candidates along with a Mayoral Candidate. I raise the question, is this an alliance / team or is it simply people helping each other cover the shortfall of volunteers during this long pre-poll period?

    I can honeslty say that when I was a Councillor I voted according to what I believed was in the best interest of the Division as well as the Shire. If elected as the Divisional 2 Councillor I will continue to vote again in this manner.
    Peter Flannery
    Councillor Candidate Division 2

  2. Peter, please answer:
    Name the Candidates who are helping you.
    Are they existing Moreton First Councillors?

    There is a difference between existing Councillors who form part of the Moreton First voting block and candidates who are running against them to change that.

  3. Im not part of Moreton First group as stated below and also I am not part of Whiting's "Moreton Second" candidate group either.

  4. Um, is that an answer?
    I can make the question simpler:
    - Name the Councillors who are handing out for you.

  5. A picture tells a thousand words!!!

  6. A picture tells a thousand words!!!

  7. Let me guess. Those signs are all standing there independently..... together :-)

  8. it is simple stuff Peter, answer the question. Which candidates are handing out for you?