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MBRC Div 2 Candidate, Ron Anderson, Asked to Leave Beachmere Tavern on ANZAC Day #MBRvotes


  1. thats all bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he ranted and raved and they hadnt even started taking side bets only the centre, which has to be covered, once the centre is covered then u do side bets

    when side bets start, a donation from the winner of the heads tails flip makes a donation, no side bets had started only the centre and there were 3 RSL members in attendance , if you want the truth instead of a pack of lies, ring the manager of the Beachmere Tavern and ask for PJ.

    Mr anderson was pissed disruptive and removed the bucket from the covered throwing area which only the caller can walk on, it is sacred ground in a game of 2 up, causing the game to stop and wait till he stopped ranting and raving

    he was then evicted after he had a stouch with the manager on whether he was being banned and the manager told him to leave the premises

    this was done in front of at least 80people

  2. Posted on Facebook

    A certain local candidate made an a** out of himself at the Beachmere Tavern on Anzac Day, extremely drunk and unruly and was kicked out of the tavern for his behaviour. His behaviour was rumoured to be filmed and put up on youtube. Although not officially out of the running....he won't be getting any votes from the locals here. Nothing worse than someone running for council and disgracing himself the week of voting!