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Justin Venn's question to Kimberly James on party politics in Council #MBRvotes

Justin Venn asked this question on Facebook:

Justin Venn · Friends with Adrian Raedel and 13 others
Its fine to be part of a political party everyone has the right to join what ever association they feel best suits there beliefs l and values it just troubles me though at pre polling when caboolture citizens ask her if she is a member of a party she blatantly denies this yet there is interviews with her in the caboolture paper telling other wise ............ Maybe Mr wood as he used to be Known could do a story on that ?

McCarthy-Wood Media put this question to Moreton Bay Regional Council Division three candidate, Kimberly James.


  1. So, both Kimberly and Greg and former members of a political party. No difference. Oh. wait. Greg actually ran for a state seat as a political party member. Thanks Justin for this.

  2. well done Kimberly James, the detractors will keep scratching away at the same old things, because they have nothing else. The question I would like Greg Chippendale to answer is if he voted at the state election and how that does not translate to be his political alliance, if he supports the views of that political party.

  3. The question was not to determine who ran for what and who was with who. Was actually aimmed at the response give by Kimberly when asked about being a party member. I was at pre polling the other day and when ppl asked. Her she said she wasn't...... Then you see interviews with her conducted by the caboolture news and even this interview she states she is. I just want to understand why she belives it to be a fact which she can not admit to the general

  4. So, if we are talking about facts and admitting to the public we come back to the original story. Why did Chipenfale cheat the public on the payrise?

  5. I don't no if we both listened to the same interview chippendales interview seamed to be all over the place one min it was cracklin and breaking up next was a scripted sentence ....... I think maybe if Chippendale was given the same treatment as Kimberly in his interview aka not on a mobile phone whilst handing out flyers then maybe we could shed some light on what the truth really is don't get me wrong I think there is a reasonable question to be asked just favorable journalism does benefit some party's in the instant.

  6. Have you had to much to drink on Anzac day. Both are on a mobile phone.
    However....you are clearly on the Chipenfale team as you know what he was doing at the time of the phone call. It was not mentioned on the interview. This story is about Greg. People like you are simply avoiding the issue and trying to make it about his opponent. Yet all I want to know is why Greg thought it was OK to cheat rate payers like this?

  7. Both Kimberly James and Cr Chippendale were interviewed over the phone. The interview with Cr Chippendale was one of two interviews in the one podcast. I spoke in-between the interviews to communicate the rest of the investigation. (Normal industry practice)

    No editing was done that changed the meaning of what Cr Chippendale said.

    Cr Chippendale gave information over a number of phone calls, not just one. I took all of his return calls untill making a decision to file, and the calls got to a point of being repetitive in Cr Chippendale's argument.

    The podcast was put together just as any other news report.

    Further, I gave Cr Chippendale ample opportunity to deny the allegations, which he didn't.

    Cr Chippendale was also given the opportunity to prepare for questions. I didn't start asking questions till he said he was ready.

    This has been an investigation over quiet some time and with many other accusation made by former and current staff of Council which have not yet been reported.

    Some things just take time.

    But I always go out of my way to give anybody in question an opportunity to put their view on the record.

  8. Wow I'm glad you cleared that up Mr Wood I was a
    Confused as to why the interview sounded scripted in parts but this helps. So bAsicly you priced it together from
    Return phone calls .... And James if you belive
    I've had to many then I guess the rum and milk this morning I had at the Woodford dawn service must really of been that strong! I wasn't on any band wagon however over the next couple of days I will make sure I contact councilor Chippendale to hear his story. As a rate payer I have every right to question candidates motives and actions because at the end of the day they are serving myself in the community.

  9. Justin, did you make the Malcolm Wirght Website? Did you make the Greg Chippendale Website?

  10. you don't need to work out what team Andrew is on...
    My son has been going to the Draw Services sinces he started school in grade one at St Pauls School Caboolture... His Great Grand Father was a Light House Man.and his grandfather fought for us aswell... he goes out of respect of the diggers. But not to make a grade appearence by making sure you lay the last ref..not just once but twice..shame Kimmy shame .... Not always about you

  11. James I'm sorry you must have me
    Confused with someone else .. I only recently returned from being away up north for the last 4-5 months all I'm trying to do is select an appropriate candidate to represent my division. As a rate payer in this division I belive that it's crucial that the right person is elected to
    Voice an opinion... My opinion... It's more the fine for yourself to post comments voice your opinion that's every Australians right. However if you wish to attack me personally through comments such as " have you had to much to drink" then don't you think it a tad low to do this through a faceless name ... James ????

  12. Websites where constructed through IT Ezy As. A Locally owned and operated Business.

  13. Malcom Wrights Webpage is done by IT Eazy As. A quick little google search shows that this has the same Fax number as http://www.sootys.com.au

    Who is IT Easy As then?

    James Alexander

  14. So, waiting until all the others are finished is not the right thing to do. When should she have layed the Wreth.

  15. Sooty's Promotional Product does not own or operate IT Easy As

  16. Is it owned by a Venn?

  17. Yes Justin is my son and I do own Sooty's Promotional Prouduct. But i do not own or run any web site company.. night night

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