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Julia Gillard, shy? What The?

It was reported earlier this week that the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is a shy person.

The Sydney Morning Herald said Ms Gillard became emotional yesterday as she described herself as ''a shy girl who worked hard'' to get from an Adelaide high school, through law school to where she is today.

"It doesn't come easy to me to expose my feelings as I make these decisions," Ms Gillard said. "I've brought a sense of personal reserve to this." 

The news article referred to the event as "a rare moment of self-analysis" but comments on commentator, Andrew Bolt's blog, paint a very different picture of the so called emotional Prime Minister.

Melanie replied to Dave
Fri 15 Jul 11 (01:55pm)
I went to school with Julia Gillard, right through high school at Unley High. She wasn’t the shy girl she cried about the other day.  She was head prefect and looked like she wanted to be a leader.  She also wasn’t a red head.  That is fake too.  She had mousey brown hair.  I can show you the class photos.
Melanie replied to Dave
Fri 15 Jul 11 (02:00pm)
Oh and I forgot to mention that in the yearly class photos she was the one right in the centre holding the sign with the class and year written on it.  Hardly the shy one.

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  1. Wait, an emotional blogger is now a reasonable place to use as a news source? Andrew Bolt, really?