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The Bolt Report - Climate Change


  1. An emotive blogger being given a larger stage vs 97% of scientists who spent their life studying and working on it? (of the other 2% say they're unsure, only 1% say climate change is fake). Mmmm, I think I know who I'd pick.

    If you felt ill, went to a doctor and he said you have cancer. You then went to another 99 doctors and 96 of those said you have cancer, 2 said they weren't sure and 1 said you didn't which side would you pick?

    Bolt picks and chooses small snippets to try to prove his point in hopes (well, he knows they won't) his readers won't actually read the reports, publications, interviews etc he's talking about as if he takes the tiny snippet he can make it sound like it supports his view.

  2. http://www.skepticalscience.com/

    Please go to the above link to learn about research that has been done by real specialist in climate science.